Spotlight Events

No. 3 Lengkok Burma, 10250 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

At Spotlight Event, it is our belief that each event is unique with its own objectives and challenges. We also know that in order to deliver a successful event, you need an event company in Penang that understands this.

As an event organizer Penang team, we want to ensure that every event that we plan, organize and manage is enjoyed by all who attend. We want to celebrate your success and key milestones from individuals to companies and organizations.

Whether you are looking for a professional wedding deco Penang service team to create an amazing setting that is complemented by sound and lighting system with the best emcee in Penang or to handle any event decoration outdoor anywhere, we have the experience and manpower to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day itself. 

Our party planner Penang service will blow you and your guests away! Our experienced in-house DJ Penang star with his spin table and sound system will ensure everyone have an amazing time.

While there are a number of event management companies in Penang to consider, we have the experience in managing large scale events for companies and organizations to even creating customized wedding decoration Penang style for individuals. 


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